Discover this Groundbreaking Software for exploding your traffic, inspiring your customers, And taking your revenue skywards.

Keyword Explorer…

  • Allows you to generate 1000s of keywords that people are actually looking for so you can rank faster
  • Pull in keywords from Amazon, Google, Bing, YouTube and ASK so you can fully customize your content based on your website focus
  • Examine trends to identify exploding or declining
    niches so you can effectively plan which tasks
    to do next
  • Copy those keywords into your project so you
    can stay focused on your goals

Post Editor…

  • Create blog posts for remote publishing to WordPress so can post quickly
    leaving more time for other tasks
  • Schedule posts for delayed publishing
  • Drag and drop snippets editor for saving those
    little quotes or moments of inspiration
  • Post or schedule Facebook status updates
    building your engagement

Built in RSS Reader…

  • You can research interesting articles, which gives you sources for yet even more content
  • You will be able to quickly fetch articles from blogs, news, Twitter and your
    feeds so you can come up with great ideas for creating content
  • You can curate and build your daily posts quickly
    so you can focus on other important aspects of
    your website
  • A drag and drop integration with your editor
    speeds up the process of gathering content
  • Import your own list of feeds or start
    one supplied
  • Great replacement for Google reader which is
    now retired

A Web Browser Plugin…

  • Lets you grab interesting sites instantly so you can quickly tag new
    sites that can be later reviewed for creating content
  • Tagged feeds are automatically synchronized into Kudani, which allows you to manage your content better


  • You can find Guest Post opportunities that actually have traffic and authority so you
    can drive that traffic to your own site
  • You can also find blog comment opportunities so you can create
    high quality backlinks
  • Display contact information, traffic details and
    page rank so you can be better organized
  • You can save contacts to your personal contact
    database so that you can create a network to
    draw on for future projects


  • Drag and drop graphics editor so you can quickly create eye
    catching infographics that will be shared across the web
  • You can choose from a library of templates to create unique one of
    a kind pieces
  • You can post directly to your blog/Facebook page so you can create viral activity faster

Social Engagement…

  • You can monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and PageRank of your posts so you are better able to manage social engagement
  • You can track your competitors engagement
    so you can know immediately how much
    more work is needed on your site to outrank
    your competition

Contact Manager…

  • You can save everything together so that you will never
    lose a blog contact again
  • You will be able to be fully organized by keeping names and
    all contact details together with notes

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