is an established website with 3 years history in cracking software designed to help increase your search engine ranking and to help make you money.

CST has become one of most well known sites on the internet for safe, trustworthy and working cracks and we have worked hard to build and maintain this badge.

Why do we crack SEO software?

We crack SEO software for 3 reasons:

1. We know not everyone can afford to buy all the software listed on this site. We know that for many of your starting out in SEO and internet marketing its a challenge and without funds and tools to help you along the way to task is even harder. By offering our services we able to extend the reach the seo software to all corners of the earth and let everyone have a fighting chance in this tough industry.

2. Reduce spending on trash software – Many of you will have purchased software in the past from Warriorforum and other sites. Time and time again we see developer take their customs money and fail to deliver what is expected. Is it fair that you should spend your hard earned money to line the pockets of these trash developers who claim to have the next big thing?. We think not! We allow you to try the software to see if its really up to standard.

3. Extend the trial period of software – SEO and IM is a long game. So why developers continually offer short trails for their software is beyond us. We want you to fully test the software at your own leisure to ensure its right for you without having to give away your precious money on software that is not up to scratch once the trial period ends. is a service you can rely on, almost 2000 members cant be wrong!




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