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  • #1 written by internetblogg 4 years ago

    Thanks for the great enhancement you made lastly by developing the loader app. Which will make transferring the cracks between different machines easy and fast.

  • #2 written by [email protected] 4 years ago

    i have a question with the NEW Loarder. With the old version of the Loader i have copied the Loader in each Program folder, and i could start plenty programs, with each old Loader located in programm folders.

    Now, i can open only one NEW Loader. OK. But how i can open another Software, if the active NEW Loader, is not in the other Program folder???

    Maybe question looks funny but i need help ;) Hope for an answer with greetings


    • #3 written by CST Admin 4 years ago


      When you run the loader and start one crack, the loader will show the “minimize loader” button, at this point you can run any of the other cracks direct from the main .exe

      You could do this with the old version of the loader, but we force it now so you dont have multiple loaders running.

  • #4 written by [email protected] 4 years ago

    and thank you much for your respond! Your explanation i agree till “minimize loader”. But please give me one example what following sentence exactely means: “at this point you can run any of the other cracks direct from the main .exe”

    Here is my example. The new loader is started from e.g. SB Bomber directory and minimized, while SB Bomber is running. How i can start e.g. Scrapebox with the same loader? I usually started another (old)loader from SB folder, and SB is running. But how it can start Scrapebox with the loader i have started before, from the SB Bomber directory?

    Best Regards

    • #5 written by CST Admin 4 years ago

      with the minimize loader button shown and SBbomber running, just run SBloader.ese in the scrapebox download folder.

      These are program to know when the loader is running and when it is not.

      for software that doesnt use any additional files, just run the software’s main .exe

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