Image Blaster Crack

Image Blaster

Fast bulk image editing

Image Blaster will mass edit your stored images in seconds!

  • Add images from an entire folder
  • Text watermark or image watermark your images
  • Fast crop and resize functions
  • Upload images on your WordPress blog
  • Download images using Pin Grabber

Powerful Image Editor

Image Blaster has all the features you need to start mass editing your images.
You can crop and resize your local images in a matter of seconds. Our tests showed that with an average PC you can edit 1000 images in less than 10 seconds.

You can also brand your images by adding an image or text watermark in custom positions on your image.

WordPress Poster

Start uploading your images in mass. Are you tired of manually creating a blog page for each of your image?
Then wait no more and get Image Blaster because you can literally post hundreds of posts on your blog in less than a few minutes.


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