Sparkol VideoScribe Crack

VideoScribe is pure magic. Create your own whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how. Engage your audience.

Clearer, more intuitive interface

Navigate the music collection and image library with the new search bar. ‘Favourite images’ has been replaced by ‘Recently used images’ and you can clear the history if you want to.

Scroll bars have been replaced with + and – buttons or a scroll wheel. Click and hold a selected element to reorder it in the timeline.

New effects

The writing of text can now be reversed, meaning that right-to-left languages can be written more realistically.

Get your images looking just how you want them with filters for saturation, brightness and contrast. New background textures include corkboard, rough paper and blackboard.

Choose how imported images are drawn

VideoScribe now processes non-vector (raster) images more effectively so you can choose how the lines are drawn in your image, or have the hand move the image in already drawn.

The way that text is drawn has also improved – VideoScribe is now able to solid fill any imported fonts (rather than drawing the outline first).

Search using your native file explorer

Searching your computer for your own images is now done using your computer’s operating system. This extension will let you view thumbnails of your SVGs in your native file explorer.

Check which elements you’re using

The font, hand, music track or voice recording you are currently using is shown when you open each dialog. You can also preview a hand before selecting it.

Thanks to popular demand, you can now preview your scribe whilst recording your voice over. This should make syncing your audio and visuals much easier.

Scribe rescue system

As well as autosaving periodically, VideoScribe will automatically prompt you to restore your scribe should your computer lose power suddenly or crash.

Publishing made simpler

Publish your scribe directly to PowerPoint, Facebook or YouTube. All you need to do is enter your details and VideoScribe will do the rest for you. Choose from a variety of quality settings – Web/Mobile, Normal, Standard HD or Full HD.

Organise your scribes

Create folders for your scribes on the project screen so you can organise your projects more easily.

Images for everyone

The full VideoScribe image library is now open to both free and Pro users so everyone can experience the best of VideoScribe. Images and songs are only downloaded when you need them, so start-up time is faster.


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