FaceDominator 3.0

Facebook is largest social networking site with over 750 million active users. It’s second most popular site in world with huge daily traffic from different countries. Due its unique viral features like facebook application, fanpages, groups, events, photo tagging, wall updates etc and with an automated tool, its easy to get viral targeted traffic.

FaceDominator 3 is a tool which is very useful for managing and automating your facebook advertising campaign. It’s an “All in One” tool which can create unlimited numbers of facebook accounts, adds friends in those accounts, create fanpages and make them viral, post on wall of grops/fanpages etc. In short, It helps you to manage and automate each and every activity of your facebook advertising campaign. Its an excellent tool for viral facebook marketing. The power and convenience of this tool is a MUST- HAVE for anyone needing fast and effective facebook traffic!



  • Facebook Account Creator
  • Account Profile Creator
  • FanPage Creator
  • Wall Posters
  • Auto Group Joiner
  • Targeted Friend Adder
  • Campaign Manager & Scheduler
  • Multithreaded & Proxy Support
  • Support Captcha Bypass
  • And Many More….

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