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LinkedInDominator Crack
Jump start with an account

To create an account, all we have to do is fill in a couple of details i.e. Names, desired user name, email ids to validate your account and password of your choice. It will automatically fire up a browser and starts creating an account. In fact you can monitor the account opening progress and enter the code that is in Captcha Image

LinkedInDominator Crack Account Creator

LinkedInDominator LinkedinAccount creator can be used to create mass LinkedinAccounts with ease either with proxies or without them. As Account creation asks for captcha thus to bypass that user is provided with deathbycaptcha facility or he can us ethe manual captcha settings

Linkedin Scraper

Linkedin Scraper is based on the Advanced search made by in this user is provided with almost all search criteria given in the website and after scrapping all data will be stored in a CSV file.

Add Connection

Adding connection is been provided with 2 features:

1) By email – in which you can directly add a particular person using his email.

2) Using Keywords – in this you can supply keywords as per your niche by which the software will request to add connections to random profiles.

Create Group

You can create various groups to your LinkedIn Accounts by Create Groups Feature or can easily send invitations to your connections to join your already created Groups.

Msg Group member

An effective feature using which you can message many members outside your network but sharing a same group.

LinkedInDominator Cracked
Join Friends Group

With Join friends Group you can scrap your connection list, using that you can get the groups that your selected friends possess and can request to join them.

Join Search Group

Search Groups on the basis of your niche and send them request to join.

Group Update

Group update feature can post updates to your required groups easily

Compose Message

Compose message can help you to mass message to your connections easily its also support spintax and tag feature due to which your message will not be declared as spam.

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