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The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing tool

Results-driven features and algorithms.

Proxy support
The most important feature for every marketer should be the use of proxies. And even more importantly, having many quality accounts. PinBot allows you to run unlimited instances on a machine, thus unlimited amount of accounts. You can use three accounts per proxy without getting banned by Pinterest.

Scrape unique, quality images.

Scrape unique and niche relevant images. This puts them into a queue which will then be used for upload. The scrape feature allows you to fully ColorCorrect and edit your images.

You can place custom watermarks on your images, add texts, crop and resize them! Do note that this feature is categorized as “manual mode”, while in the “autopilot mode”, PinBot will automatically scrape and pin images.


Manual mode: Pin all the pins you’ve scraped. Just hit the “start” button.
Scheduled mode: Same functionality as manual mode, however it will start pinning on certain time/date.
Autopilot mode will automatically Scrape and Pin query/niche relevant pins to your selected boards. Simply type in all queries/categories for each board and PinBot will do its thing.

Edit the queue of pins (even during Autopilot mode).
Edit your pins’ description or change the destination board.

Get social and Repin!
Don’t be the jerk that only uploads and never shares.

Repin niche relevant pins onto your boards. It’s easy as 1-2-3. In the manual mode you’ll have to “Keep”/”Skip” the pins. While in autopilot the PinBot’s algorithm will do that. Just select your boards and write all the queries/categories to search in for pins.

Like and be liked

Like niche relevant pins from other users. Even simpler, just type in all niches you are targeting and hit “start”.

“Group Boards” are the secret to Success on Pinterest

Create and invite to your Group Boards. This will invite all your board’s followers to also pin on your boards. Let other people do all the hard work for you, focus on creating new accounts instead! Select all boards and it will attempt to invite all followers onto that board.

Gain followers
Plant a seed, grow a tree.

Follow Pinterest users and get follow backs. The settings and internal algorithm provide quality guarantee users. Filter out all the non-legit users, bots and selfish users!

Drop the load
Unfollow the jerks

Unfollow Pinterest users that don’t meet certain criteria. This helps you build up an authority account. The more legit your account looks, the more people are going to like and follow you.


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